Salsa on St. Claire

Yet another fantastic festival held in the heart of Toronto. Da...


Juan Manzo

Latinos de Nieve

Iqaluit's very own Latin band has decided to record it's dance mus...

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Why dance? Whether you’re doing it for fun, a special occasion, a competition, fitness, or simply to survive a night on the dance floor, dance will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

When you learn to dance, you are gaining a skill that will last the rest of your life!

Juan Manzo is a professional, certified dance instructor who specializes in Ballroom, Latin, and Philippine folklore dancing. Manzo had always enjoyed dancing at clubs and breakdancing with his friends in his youth, but outside the dancing norm of his friends, he started dancing seriously in his early teen years..

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“I've been to many dance studios but yours is the first one that really made me feel like it was home.”

Deborah L.


“It's difficult for a guy to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Before I met you, I always stood by the bar watching other people dance. Now I feel I can actually ask a woman to dance and not be embarrassed of my dance skills. Thanks!”

Adam K.


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“Thank you so much for making Ricardo and I feel and look amazing on our wedding night. Our dance performance was the talk of the night. I'm so glad to have had you as our choreographer.”

Sarah A.