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​                Juan Manzo

     Juan Manzo is a professional, certified dance instructor

who specializes in Ballroom, Latin, and Philippine folklore

dancing. Manzo had always enjoyed dancing at clubs and

breakdancing with his friends in his youth, but outside the

dancing norm of his friends, he started dancing seriously

in his early teen years and has been trained in a variety of

dance forms such as Waltz, Salsa, Cha Cha, Tango, Rumba,

Foxtrot, Swing, Merengue, Bachata, Samba, Leandler, Paso

Doble, Tinikling, Philippine folkloric dances, African dance,

and basic Ballet. He has been trained in both classical and

non-classical disciplines.

     Manzo began dance training by mimicking movements

he observed at parties and clubs. He was always fascinated

by the ability to really feel music with your body and move with it. He spent many years and hours in the library reading books and watching videos on dance, following and practicing the instructions, pictures, and descriptions. Finally, he decided to take formal lessons and learned under various studios and instructors. Manzo has trained under Michael D. Estacio, an experienced dancer and leading member of the Fiesta dance troupe, Richard Thibeault, a professional instructor, competitor, adjudicator, performer, graduate of the Licentiate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (England), and a Member of the Canadian DanceSport Federation, Artur Adamski, seen in the new television show “Dancing like the Pros”, a dance Instructor for both International and American Standard Level that has placed in the top ten percentile at Blackpool, the most prestigious dance competition in the world, and Ariel Oziewicz, a Dancesport and Blackpool competitor specializing in International and American Standard Level.

     Manzo also trained in the honours dance program at York University where he studied Dance Kinesiology, theory, history, and dance forms such as Cuban Salsa, Ballet, Modern, African dance, and South East Asian folk dances. Manzo holds, an Associate’s Degree in Health Sciences, an Honours Bachelor Degree in English, an Honours Bachelor Degree in Dance, and a Graduate Degree in Education at the Senior, Intermediate, Junior, & Primary levels with senior teachables in English & Dance. As a result of this diverse range of dance forms and training, Manzo has a habit of creating unique choreographies combining elements and movements from DVIDA, international, traditional, and street styles in his routines.

     He started teaching dance in 1998. For five years just before his move to Nunavut, Manzo was an instructor and manager at Blueheel Dance Studios where he taught Latin & Ballroom Dancing from ages five to senior citizen. He still dances at Blueheel Dance Studios during his vacations. While working with Blueheel Dance Studio, Manzo organized and held a Masquerade Ball in the Mississauga Community, where he choreographed the classic Leandler with a modern twist. He was also a key start up figure in “Dancing with the Mississauga Stars” but sadly was unable to attend the debut in 2013. Manzo also instructed the “Dance for Wellness” program at Baylis Medical. He also worked a guest instructor in the dance program at York University. Manzo has developed and led classes in Dance Etiquette and Dance Floor Craft.

     Manzo has appeared as a special guest dancer on the Roger’s TV Series “Pinoy World”, followed by a Personal Interview Segment with host Warren J. D'Aoust. Manzo has been spotted frequently in several newspapers, showcases, dance competitions, and many other special events.

     Manzo has also contributed his talents as a pre-judge for hit television show “So You Think You Can Dance – Canada”. Manzo can also be seen dancing in films/television such as: “Make Your Move”, “COBU 3D”, “Pinoy World”, and “Turn the Beat Around”. Previous feature films Manzo has been a part of include: “Heaven's Floor”, “Total Recall”, “Sundays at Tiffany’s”, “High Stakes”, “The Untitled Kissels Project”, “True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet”, and “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”.

     Television Series include: “Nikita”, “Rookie Blue”, “The L.A. Complex”, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “Saving Hope”, “Covert Affairs”, Roger's TV Morning Show”, The Tower”, “Queer as Folk”, and “Instant Star”.

     Manzo has also appeared in ads across Canada for Canadian Tire, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Magna International Inc., Coca Cola, etc... He is currently living in Iqaluit, Nunavut and has performed and recorded music with artists such as Koel and the Twin Otter’s, Kelly Fraser, and Latino’s de Nieve. Manzo continues to teach and perform, and is the president of the Iqaluit Social Dance Club. In his spare time, he provides safe space entertainment events and environments through Galaxy Cat Entertainment and at times may collaborate with Midnight Sun Entertainment.

     Manzo teaches dance at various locations in Toronto during the summer months.​ You can also find him as a free form stage dancer on various stages under his alter ego, Galaxy Cat. He is a summer time stage dancer for various large festivals, stage dancing for DJ's such as Skrillex, Sikkie, Mr. Bill, Stephan Jacobs, David Starfire, DissolV, Desert Dwellers, DanniG, Proko, Barely Great, El Papachango, Spekti, General Nao, Britney Fromearlier, Northstar, Smasheltooth, etc... He also leads dance workshops at festivals such as Burning Man, Harvest, Tall Tree, etc...